The Radiant Womban

Tapping women into their highest self


  1. Learn how to balance hormones & heal symptoms of hormonal imbalance including: acne, cramping, mood swings, weight gain/loss, & more.
  2. Learn Natural Birth control or increase fertility.
  3. Align cycle with the moon for a predictable, healthy cycle.
  4. Tap into your power. Attract the greatest confidence you’ve ever had, and ditch the limiting beliefs.
  5. Deep inner healing.
  6. Learn how to design your dream reality.

How it works:

There are 12 sessions. Each session includes a 1:1 phone call, course material, & two weeks to integrate.

These are 12 in depth, life changing sessions:

  1. CONSULTATION: Getting to know your unique & specific needs
  2. DIET: Breaking down your nutrient intake, healing foods, meal ideas
  3. HORMONE HEALING: Seed cycling, getting to know how your hormones work
  4. LAW OF ATTRACTION: Getting clear on your vision, visualization, creating your dream reality
  5. NATURAL BIRTH CONTROL: Learn how your cycle works and how to naturally prevent pregnancy OR increase fertility
  6. HEALTHY HABITS: Learn how to develop healthier habits & ditch self destructive behavior
  7. ENERGY CENTERS: Align your energy centers and learn how they work. Powerful & deep healing
  8. PROCESSING EMOTIONS: How to feel and release emotions. Why it affects your cycle and wellbeing
  9. AWAKENING THE DIVINE FEMININE: Getting in touch with your intuition, confidence, and unlimited potential as a woman
  10. SYNCING WITH THE MOON: Learn how to sync your cycle with the moon for a smoother, more predictable cycle. Become empowered
  11. HEALING THE WOMB: Letting go of generational pain, addressing traumas stored in the womb. Learn how it affects your cycle and life.
  12. CONNECTING TO SOURCE: Reconnecting to a purpose that is larger than you. Getting in tune with an energy that has the power to change your life.

Sessions are flexible & can be adjusted to your needs

The Radiant Womban is designed to help you build a fulfilling lifestyle for LONG TERM healing. It is no quick fix. It includes videos, check ins, prompts, 1:1 phone calls, guided meditations, and more. It asks for at least 2 hours out of every week for life changing results. Are you eligible for this program? Apply today!