Natural Body Care


Dr. Bronner’s organic lavender soap


Vegan mint floss

Body brush

Dr. Bronner’s organic lavender lotion

Rose water made with magnetized H2o

Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

Biodegradable Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

Activated Charcoal Powder for teeth whitening

Dead sea mud mask

Organic coconut oil

Dr. Bronner’s organic lavender shaving soap

Bamboo eco-friendly razor: for men & women

Ayurvedic Bar Soap Sandal-Turmeric

Ayurvedic flouride- free toothpaste

Organic almond oil for skin & hair

Natural lava pumice stone

Natural wood brush & comb set

100% African shea butter (from Ghana)

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Natural loofah exfoliating pads

Natural vitamin E ointment

Cannabis Sativa Oil Styling Gel

Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm


Smart basal thermometer connected to app: for natural birth control