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Hey there! I’m Gabrielle, a holistic health coach and natural healing enthusiast.

I am currently attending The Institution of Integrative Nutrition, immersing myself in holistic health and working toward my integrative health coaching certification.

My passion for natural healing began at the young age of 16. After enduring a few life challenges including the absence of both my parents, being medicated for ADHD, & struggles with self esteem, natural healing became my savior.

At the age of 16, I knew I had a choice. I could continue the cycle of confusion and pain handed down by my parents, or I could view it as a lesson of what not to do, and decide to work toward becoming my highest self.

Now I have the utmost confidence that my calling is to help others end the cycle of self- destruction, and choose the path of growth & evolution.

For the last six years, I have delved into Natural Healing, reading books, taking courses, listening to podcasts, and experimenting with myself to see what really works.

What does natural healing mean to me?

Natural healing is not dieting, restriction, medications, or quick fixes.

It is going to the root of any problem, and utilizing Earth’s provided medicine to heal from within.

That can include herbs, fruits, vegetables, clean water, sleeping techniques, meditation, deep breathing, self reflection exercises, the law of attraction, energetic healing, & more!

All of these in conjunction have transformed my life and I am positive have the ability to do the same for you.


I have been moving around the West Coast my whole life, living in California, Oregon, Washington, and Hawaii. This has ingrained in me a passion for wandering, finding home wherever I go.

I recently got back from the island of Kauai and have been planting roots in Oregon, once again.

I have recently been reflecting on the expansion of my career as well as carrying out my practice toward inner growth.

I believe an essential aspect to health is doing what lights up your soul.

So, I thought I’d share a few things that light up my soul:

Days on the beach

Being in the ocean, with a board or without one

A reflective read

A wholesome, colorful meal

New faces, new scenery

Sipping on chai in a cafe, writing up a storm

Hot yoga

Laughing with loved ones

Witnessing transformation in myself & others  

What makes you light up? I’d love to know. My email is gabdozier@gmail.com

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, check out my services that I have designed with you in mind.

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