4 Ways to Love Yourself on a Deeper Level


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 love yourself 


  1. Give yourself the compassion you seek from others:
  • It’s easy to fall into the victim’s mindset of expecting others to cater to to your happiness
  • Imagine the comfort and validation that you seek from others, now give it to yourself
  • Do the same in the physical world. Think of all the things you wish others would give you. Now give those things to yourself.


  1. Explore your past and forgive yourself for what has occurred:
  • The first step is to acknowledge those events that you’ve been suppressing, perhaps only being brought up at your lowest of moments
  • Imagine if someone you love had told you they had gone through all of the things you have, give yourself the compassion and forgiveness that you’d give them
  • We’ve all done things out of our set of morals and you’d be surprised by how much subconscious anger you can develop for yourself based off the mistakes that you know are apart from your true character


  1. Understand the miracle that you are even alive:
  • Understand that the odds of you existing are mathematically zero, and the divinity in your existence is essentially the Universe experiencing itself through you
  • Whenever you feel down on yourself for the way you look or something that you did, focus on the energy that is sustainably providing a current for you heart to beat and brain cells firing- there’s magic within you
  • The only body you’ll be with for the rest of your life is yours- learn to appreciate


  1. Self care: eating, exercising, treating your body as a temple:
  • It is impossible to perform at our highest potential or feel sustainable happiness if our bodies are not being taken care of properly, similarly to the regular attention you have to give to a car
  • Start identifying the ways you wish you’d eat/exercise/treat yourself, now just do it because your only barrier is limiting thoughts
  • Treat your body as an experiment and a temple- make whatever changes necessary and recognize the cellular beauty of your unique existence


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