Boldness Will Take You Places

An excerpt written in December, 2017

“Three months ago, I was sitting on the bed in the back of my motor-home, outlining a boon docking route through California. At the time I was living on the Oregon Coast, ready for the next elbow of my path. As excited as I was, the inner me was yearning to do something more ballsy- perhaps follow a dream I had buried. As we know, fear is what fuels our egoic decisions. On this journey, breaking from the ego has brought me to these moments of uncertainly like, “why do something short of what I really want?”. When I closed my eyes I ultimately knew what I wanted: something new. A fresh realm of colors. A change in culture. I wanted to live in Hawaii.

    So, instead of finishing my route to Cali, I booked a one-way tickets to Honolulu. It really didn’t sink in until I put my four weeks notice in at a job that had been weighing on my soul for too long. It took some consideration to walk away from a life of security. Instead of allowing fear and emotion sabotage the trip, I decided to prepare lightly and have little to no expectations for what the next chapter would look like.

    Fast forward three months to present day, and here I am, living on the Big Island of Hawaii and feeling more at home than ever. It is so inspiring to be on the islands after years of burying a dream that may have laid in my subconscious mind if I hadn’t disassociated with that voice of fear. You see, we are creatures of infinite potential, and born with the power to control our reality. Although our path does not always go where we predict, it always brings what we need. I’m sure California would have been great, but I feel like I am meant to be on this little piece of land in the middle of the Ocean, for whatever reason it may be.”

    From one human to another, I encourage you to evaluate what it is you really want out of life. Everyone has a desire to feed their senses of curiosity, so what is it that you are intrigued about? Without fear of failure or criticism, what is it that you feel called to do? It is important for us as humans to fulfill our potential of happiness by not suppressing our dreams, but rather finding a way to carry them out.  You are given one opportunity to write to the Universe, a story of the collection of your experiences- don’t hold back.

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